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Aug 5th, 2009 by Liza Wiemer

Emotional Baggage

Question for today:
What are you doing? No, I don’t mean what are you doing right now, like sitting in front of the computer. I mean what are you doing to yourself emotionally? Are you creating emotional complications when you don’t need them? Let go of those complications. Drop them like a water balloon from a second story window. Ask yourself if you really need this extra burden or if you’re creating more obstacles than you need to get through the day in a productive way?

If the answer is “yes,” then make a choice to truly stay on track with the course of your life, instead of the detours of emotional complications! Keep it simple. If you’re having a hard time pulling yourself from the muck, get clear on your goal. What is it that you want?

Examples: Are you worrying about a friend? Are you worrying about the things you need to accomplish today? Are your parents getting on your nerves? Too much emotional baggage here!

End goal –

Understand where your friend is coming from – so talk it out. Or, realize it may not be you?!

Getting things done – Make a list for things to finish today, make a list of what can be postponed and give a specific date/time when you need to accomplish it. Look at your list from time-to-time or keep it with you, check it off when you’re done with each item. Stay organized.

Parents are bugging you – decide what needs to change in a positive way – communication? Following through with a task? Explaining your point-of-view? Letting go of the issue?

Motivational Quote: Worry is a misuse of imagination. ~Dan Zadra. Dan Zadra is an authority on strategic communication. http://bit.ly/4YqQi

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