Page-Turner Thursday – Two Series You May Not Have Read
Oct 18th, 2012 by Liza Wiemer

This week’s edition of Page-Turner Thursday is devoted to a few YA series you many not have read, but should:

The Stork Series – Stork, Flock, and Frost by Wendy Delsol

I absolutely love the voice Wendy Delsol gives to her characters. Her novels are beautifully written, incorporating Icelandic folktale blended with modern society. Stork starts out with Katla & her mom in the MN town where Katla’s mom grew up. There, Katla has a special relationship with her grandfather and helps him run his convenience store. It doesn’t take long for extraordinary things to occur, including Katla’s introduction to the ancient Stork Society. And then there’s Jack – certainly not the average smart boy jock. Readers will fall in love with him as much as Katla.

Frost is next. THROW AWAY expectations. I loved this continuation of Wendy Delsol’s Icelandic folktale, bringing to life THE SNOW QUEEN in such a creative and enthralling manner. This novel focuses a lot on Jack, but fans of Jack and his special powers will love it. The integration of the folktale to NOW is totally fascinating to me. Wendy does a wonderful job of intertwining Katla and Jack and those who will stop at next to nothing to keep them apart & use Jack for selfish, evil reasons. Instead of making Katla a whiny, obnoxious character who expects her bf to be at her side all the time, Wendy writes a young woman who exhibits strength, confusion, determination, resilience, maturity. I like that.

Flock is the last novel in the series. Here was my impression: Wendy Delsol’s writing is so lyrical and brilliant. From page one, I was sucked right back into the story of Katya and Jack and a cast of supernatural Nordic mythological characters. I want to assure readers that there is nothing quite like this in the YA market. The entire STORK series will appeal to those who thrive on mythology, love fantasy, love the supernatural, love a good romance, love strong characters set in a believable setting. Norse Falls is such an interesting location that I believe some might be tempted to look it up on Google, just to be certain it’s not real. Let me save you the trouble—it’s not! 🙁
So, relish in these pages, dive into this mythological world of incredible powers and root for Kat as she’s once again put into life and death circumstances.
A note for TEACHERS: The STORK series would lend itself well to ANY mythology unit. Greek and Roman mythology are often covered in school, but Wendy Delsol’s addition with Nordic mythology also will capture students’ imaginations.

For more information about Wendy Delsol and her novels: http://www.wendydelsol.com

Dairy Queen SeriesDairy Queen, The Off Season, and Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

The entire Dairy Queen Series had me laughing out loud. Loved the MC, D.J., loved the setting on a Wisconsin farm. D.J. is one tough girl and the reader would have a tough time not rooting for her. She’s faces some tough obstacles, including running the family farm – milking cows, cutting and baling hay. In walks a spoiled rich boy who doesn’t know a day’s hard labor ––Brian. He learns quickly to pull his weight, develops a deep crush on D.J, not his usual type since he’s the quarterback for a rival football team and is used to the cute, thin cheerleader. But what he and DJ has is so much more. D.J goes through numerous trials and tribulations that show the reader what it means to cope with difficult situations and how these challenges can inspire and fortify you in unexpected ways. The strength of family, the power of love and friendship definitely makes a huge difference. I highly recommend this series.

To learn more about Catherine Gilbert Murdock and all her novels: http://www.catherinemurdock.com/cm/home.html


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