SIX GIVEAWAYS: After BEA & YA Author/Blogger Rooftop Party
Jun 7th, 2013 by Liza Wiemer


To have you celebrate the 2013 YA Author/Blogger Rooftop Party, which I hosted on May 30th, I’m doing a massive giveaway.

More details about the Rooftop Party, Teen Author Carnival, Harlequin Teen Breakfast & BEA soon!

6 PRIZE PACKAGES – US/Canada Only, Ends June 30th, 11:59 PM:

You might be a lucky winner of some of these items, which will make up six different prize packages:

BOOKS, FIGMENT bag and T-shirt (M) (I’ll love you, if you love me!) Swag including bookmarks, THE TESTING bracelets, JESSICA DARLING IT LIST #1 coasters, highlighter pens, CAMP JUPITER SPQR T-SHIRT (L) from Rick Riordan The Heroes of Olympus Series, MAGIC TREE HOUSE mug, NOVL tote bag!


Books include: Jessica Darling’s It List #1, A Wounded Name, The 100, The Butterfly Clues, The Archived, The Lies That Bind – The Liar Society, My Life After Now, ManicPixieDreamGirl, Jane Austen Goes To Hollywood, All I Need, Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, From What I Remember, The Madman’s Daughter, Alice Bliss, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean. 

Thanks to the following publishers: Little Brown, Egmont, Hyperion/Disney, Pamela Dorman Books (Penguin), Viking (Penguin), Sourcebooks Fire, Candlewick, Random House, Lerner Books, Balzer & Bray (HarperCollins), Poppy (Little Brown), Point (Scholastic)

Thanks to one of the sponsors from the YA Author/Blogger Rooftop Party: NOVL – Follow them on Twitter – @theNovl

Thanks to one of the supporters: Figment – Follow them on Twitter – @Figment

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Post-BEA Reads: ALL IN NEED @SusaneColasanti & BROKEN @CJLyonswriter + Giveaway
Jun 7th, 2013 by Liza Wiemer

Both Susane and CJ attended the 2013 YA Author Blogger Rooftop Party, which I hosted again this year. (More later, I promise, including some phenomenal giveaways.)



2013 YA Author/Blogger Rooftop Party – Elizabeth Eulberg, author of Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality and Susane Colasanti and her boyfriend Matt Harrington

When it comes to romance and soul mates and good guys with flaws – because let’s be honest NO ONE IS PERFECT – Susane Colasanti and I could be soul sisters. I was fortunate enough to meet her boyfriend Matt at the party, and without any doubt they are the BEST couple. They’re proof that the love you find in romance novels DOES exist! (I’ve had that with my husband since I met him at seventeen, so that’s proof #2.)

So, what does that have to do with Susane’s novel ALL I NEED? Watching Matt and Susane, I realized afterward that Susane wrote a novel about that kind of special love. No, Skye and Seth, the main characters in ALL I NEED, are NOT Matt and Susane, but their love definitely reminds me of the two of them.

ALL I NEED is about finding that one person who helps you be the best you can be. It’s about the one person who can bring you the greatest joy and  bring you to tears. It’s about the one person you want to be with because you enjoy each other’s presence. And it’s about finding your way when distance can tear you apart. Anyone with an ounce of romance in their blood will enjoy reading this sweet romance. Yes, women, there are guys out there like this! They’re not just made up. Susane’s proof and I’m proof. But in the meantime, if you haven’t found that guy, read ALL I NEED!



CJ Lyons also attended the Rooftop Party. A few lucky people received a copy of her debut YA novel BROKEN, thanks to her publisher, Sourcebooks Fire. (Thank you, Derry!!) CJ Lyon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous adult medical mystery novels. She also has a plenty of experience in the medical field as a pediatric ER doctor.

Wow! BROKEN is so different from other YA novels that I think fans of YA will find it refreshing. It’s medical mystery brilliance, a thriller that will pull readers into the lives of Scarlet, a fifteen-year-old girl who is on the verge of death. Her goal is to spend one week in a regular high school experiencing a regular teenager’s life. There’s nothing “new” to the bullying you’ll read about – the kids that tease Scarlet for being different. That can be found in any school. But what is different is Scarlet’s remarkable story. It’s what makes headlines in the news. Scarlet’s life and death situation, her relationship with her family, and her relationship with the two young men who come into her life and help her to “see” things differently, make this medical thriller intriguing. Though there are plenty of descriptions of Scarlet’s problems, readers will not be overwhelmed or unable to comprehend what’s going on with her. As the story unfolds and you discover more and more about Scarlet’s issues, readers will want to keep turning the pages to learn more and more of her story. I highly recommend that you do NOT read anything at the back of the book until you finish the novel. There are too many hints in the Q & A that will give away plot points, so resist the urge to read them!

Definitely recommend this novel for those who want a break from dystopian and fantasy. Perfect for those who want a different twist to contemporary.

For more information, click here: BROKEN


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