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Sep 23rd, 2014 by Liza Wiemer


by Melissa de la Cruz

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On September 10, 2014 Melissa de la Cruz came to Milwaukee and spoke to a wonderful crowd at the Oak Creek Public Library. Then, a few of us bloggers had the privilege of hanging out with Melissa at her hotel to talk about a wide range of subjects. What can I say except that I am deeply impressed with Melissa’s sense of humor, perseverance, dedication to her craft, and her accomplishments. She grew up with supportive parents, but they didn’t quite expect that she would actually go after her dream and become a published author. But she did! And what a success she has become! It may look like it’s been easy, but it’s been quite the journey for Melissa. She had books rejected and had worked for six months on the TV pilot for the Blue Bloods Series, only to have the studio say no. That was six months of working for ZERO dollars! Nada.

But . . . good things did happen!

Melissa’s  WITCHES OF EAST END series turned into a series on Lifetime. (I love the show!)

My deepest thanks to Daniel at Boswell Book Company for arranging the event and to Cassie Mandel at Hachette for the Meet & Greet, the review copy as well as the SIGNED giveaway copy that I get to share with YOU!

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From Goodreads:

The Vampires of Manhattan is “hipster horror”–the memorable characters from her Blue Bloods series are older and cooler than before, trying to build “Millennial” lives in the bustle of Manhattan while battling forces of evil and, of course, each other.

Hero of this sexy, paranormal action tale is Oliver Hazard-Perry, former human conduit, and Manhattan’s only human-turned-vampire, now the head of the Blue Bloods Coven. When his all-too-human lover is found murdered on the eve of the coven’s annual Four Hundred Ball–a celebration meant to usher in a new era in vampire society, and to mark the re-unification of the Coven after decades of unrest and decay–Oliver is devastated.

Now, not only is he trying to create a new world order for the immortal elite, he’s the prime suspect and is stalked by the newly installed head of the vampire secret police. Because according to the new rules, vampires who take human life can now be executed. Burned.

How can an immortal sentenced to die fight back? He has to find the killer–and the answers lie deep in vampire lore.

My Review:

Vampires of Manhattan (The New Blue Bloods Coven, #1)Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz

Thank you, Hachette Books, for the review copy and on my blog – readers have a chance to win a SIGNED COPY! through October 13, 2014, 11:59 PM CST. http://wp.me/pAaOH-SO

The cover: Gorgeous! Perfect! Definitely does exactly what a cover should do: peak your interest and create a desire to find out more!

Never read the Blue Bloods Series? Don’t worry! You can start with VAMPIRES OF MANHATTAN and follow along beautifully. The novel is geared to New Adults/Adults. It’s for anyone who appreciates great world building, fantasy, vampires, or outstanding storytelling. The characters jump off the page and keep you guessing. Kingsley happens to be one of my favorites.

The Blue Bloods won the war and are celebrating their victory of Lucifer. But wait . . . someone is killing young adults girls and burning or painting pentagrams all over Manhattan. Alarm bells sound for the soon-to-be Regis Oliver and his human female familiar Finn, who is planning the Four Hundred Ball to commemorate the victory. Someone wants to stop the celebration. Venator Ara Scott is on the case to find out who. I love Ara. She’s a strong, flawed character, struggling to make a difference and keep Manhattan peaceful. Maybe someday, she’ll do more than kick some major butt. Maybe she’ll find love?

I love the mystery and surprises of this novel. For Blue Bloods fans, you’ll be thrilled with the continuation of the series. For people who love to read NA, you’ll gobble up this sophisticated book geared toward you. It has a plot that will have you hooked and begging for the next book in the series.

VAMPIRES OF MANHATTAN is a page-turner. I can’t wait for more.

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Cover Reveal: FREAKS OF NATURE by Wendy Brotherlin
Sep 23rd, 2014 by Liza Wiemer


by Wendy Brotherlin

Paperback, Spencer Hill Press

Expected publication: May 5, 2015

Book Blurb:
The global Ebola-X pandemic of 2022 lasted five months, two weeks and six days before a cure could be found. In its wake, it left a generation of psionic freaks who can turn a single thought into a weapon… or worse.
Fifteen-year-old Devon McWilliams is one of those freaks, but instead of some awesome ability like telepathy or telekinesis, he talks to plants. Yes, plants. In other words, Devon rates a big fat zero on the scale of kick-ass psychic abilities. But when Devon escapes from his psionic detainment facility, the United States Military intercepts him before he can rendezvous with the Psionic Underground Network. Regaining consciousness, Devon finds himself securely fastened to his seat aboard a military airship headed to Washington DC, where he will either be incarcerated for life or killed.
However, there are six other psions aboard this one-way flight to doom… and one of them, a telepath named Bai Lee, claims to have the means to escape, but they have to convince her, one by one, that they’re worthy of freedom.This is not good news for Plant Boy. The last thing he wants is to relive his nightmare escape from the psi-facility that left his best friend dead, especially since he’s made the acquaintance of the lovely, blonde healer, Alya du Roumanie, sitting beside him. Worse than that, he wouldn’t be able to bear the look in her eyes if she ever found outhow truly pathetic a psion he really is.
They say there are no keeping secrets from a hell-bent telepath, but Devon McWilliams is determined to do just that, risking everything not to be left behind.



And here . . .

is . . .

the . . .

gorgeous . . .




About Wendy:fef2bc05-6c52-4ed0-87be-843226e32887
Wendy Brotherlin is a screenwriter, music enthusiast and all around geek-goddess. She earned a Masters in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California and went on to write for children’s television including Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Today, she lives in Manchester, Maine with her husband and two little super-heroes-in-training. Freaks of Nature is her first novel.
Learn more about her at http://wendybrotherlin.com

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