Real Book Challenge, August 2015
September 3rd, 2015 by Liza Wiemer


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So I read 10 books this month for the REAL BOOK CHALLENGE. And it was a real eye-opener to look at my recap! I finished the IN DEATH series by J. D. Robb in August. Normally, I’m all about YA, but this series grabbed hold and it became an addiction. (I didn’t completely forget about YA, but those were Ebooks and audiobooks, so they don’t count for this challenge!

I did read an exceptional, award-winning MG historical novel: ODIN’S PROMISE by Sandy Brehl

Odin's PromiseOdin’s Promise by Sandy Brehl

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ODIN’S PROMISE is a must for a MG schools/readers!

From the very first page, I was swept up in this WWII story about an eleven-year-old Norwegian girl named Mari and her dog, Odin and the invasion of Nazis into her village.

ODIN’S PROMISE is a riveting and beautiful story about courage, sacrifice, defiance, family, and love that will sweep readers up and transport them to Norway. The scenes are vivid and realistic, yet perfect for MGers. Students will feel deeply for Mari, and even though this novel is set during the Holocaust, this tells a different side—what life was like for a Christian family with Jewish friends and how the Nazis treated the Norwegian people and the land they invaded.

This is an important story. The acts of defiance, the sense of pride and community by the Norwegians during WWII will open readers’ eyes. The descriptions of community, faith, and love are inspiring.

Told through Mari’s eyes, she experiences the terror of watching a Jewish neighbor being led away by Nazis, the defiant acts of her family, and also the love/protection of her dog, Odin.

I really want to see this in every MG school! Teachers, parents, please pick this book up!!!!

Brava, Sandy!!!! Can’t wait for your next one!!!!!!

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Kassiah writes:
September 11th, 2015 at 3:38 pm

Oh this one sounds awesome! Thanks for participating in the Real Books Challenge, pretty xo

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